What is Glaki?

An ecosystem that produces energy by installing solar panels in areas which are suitable for low-cost and high-capacity energy production.Profits from the sale of the generated energy are shared with the project investors.

Join to the Glaki Ecosystem

As Glaki, we aim to set up a renewable system with solar energy systems by separating all the energy production from fossil sources.As a result of the studies that will be prepared in a more conscious and environmentally friendly structure, we will have eliminated many things that are harmful to the world and our future, especially the damages in global warming and crypto mining.

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Glaki Advantages

The Glaki project, which will encourage all investors, especially institutions in the energy and crypto sector to renewable energy, aims to serve all areas with the high APY rate staking service it will create.


You can stake any Glaki you have unlocked.

Locked for 30 or 60 Days

You can stake any Glaki you have with higher APY by locking them for 30 or 60 days.

Locked for 90 Days

You can stake any Glaki you have with higher APY by locking them for 90 days.


We Are Discovering

We explore areas suitable for low-cost, high-capacity energy generation.


We Are Setting Up

We are establishing a solar power plant where we can produce energy in the discovered region.


We Produce

We start energy production after our installation process is completed.

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Solar Energy and Crypto

Solar Energy is the conversion of sunlight and photons into electrical energy with solar panels.As a result of the energy bags that the panel system receives from the sun, electricity can be produced at any time in the world.One of the most important technological developments in recent years for our world, which constantly needs electricity, is the generation of electricity from solar energy.

Considering the year 2022, it can be seen that 121 Terawatt-hours of electricity have been used in Bitcoin mining.To understand better how big a burden this is, it would be correct to say that this amount is more than Argentina's consumption in the whole country.If we consider the Ethereum network, we can see that the amount of electricity consumed is as much as the electricity consumption of the country of Qatar.

What is Glaki?

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How Glaki Produces Energy?

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How Glaki Generates Income?

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